Mana​-​kins EP

by Bowser's Keep

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The debut EP from the new Florida based Nintendocore band Bowser's Keep! Five songs done up in chiptune flavored metal nostalgia that takes influences from iamerror, HORSE the Band, and Rawesome. A short, but sweet offering to satisfy the lovers of nostalgia.

Bowser's Castle Redux is a reworking of the song "Bowser's Castle" by Koji Kondo from the Super Mario World soundtrack


released August 5, 2014

Michael Prince - Vocals
Noah Prince - Guitar
Danny Eastabrooks - Guitar
David Kip - Bass
Liam Mahan - Drums/Programming



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Bowser's Keep Lakeland, Florida

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Track Name: My Weakness is Like a Low Level Onion Knight
warriors of light, you must prepare
all of the crystals unleash their might
four fiends have entered this world
they have come to test your skill
otherwise your world shall fall
no more friends to beg for your call
taking all the light away
the elements have fallen away

fire to burn the forests
water to flood the streets
earth will shatter under
air flow completely ceased x2

unlocking potential, mastering the crystals jobs
learning every skill to show this is not a fraud
unlocking potential, mastering the crystals jobs
power from the elements we can never fall

the four fiends fear our might
Track Name: Wow, and They Call You the Hero of Time?!
why am i always counted out
always put in doubt
just trying to find my place
among you all
this fucked world puts me in the position
to be the spokesperson of you all!


coming back like the story tells
retold like the bible
proving life is always stuck
within a constant cycle x2

maybe i just need to find some better equipment!
*item found!*

hookshot, bow and arrow, fire rod
your soul is lost
pegasus boots, some with iron too
i make sure to come prepared
all i know is i am waiting for her
to give me what i need
once i have the light arrows
i'll make sure you slowly bleed
Track Name: Bowser's Castle Redux
who are you in my lair?
how did you trespass?
though you trump me now
this appearance is not my last
coming back, seven children to trump you
you shall surely fail

though you've heard this line before
sorry but your princess is in another castle x2

seven trials, much like hell
to face them all you must face yourself
conjur up courage as a silent hero
take on adversity but never take credit x2

when you grab my axe
my soul is the first to fall x4
Track Name: Geng4r
why believe in what doesn't exist

the shadow creeps towards me
encased by an arctic chill
slipping farther from this world
his love of fear, a killing skill
praying upon the weak
joy created by sorrow
telling me, what i knew
this lust is only hollow

i am but a ghost of what was once here
this love has withered away for thousands of years x3

demons are my best friends, the only ones that i can trust
the apathy you give me is enough to make my heart bust
the reason why i hide myself, taking over darkness
is how you make me feel such pain, even when i'm lifeless